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Exceptional Pool Inspections and Leak Detection for Peace of Mind

Terranova Pool Inspection and Leak Detection is here to help you with all your pool needs. We do thorough inspections, find leaks accurately, and fix pools effectively. We work for home and business owners, making sure your pool is safe and lasts a long time. Real estate agents in the area rely on us too.

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Offering superior service and accuracy in pool inspections and leak detection.

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Client-Centric Service

We always put your happiness first. Whether you're a homeowner, a business owner, or a real estate agent, we adjust our pool services to suit your specific needs. Our services include pool leak detection and detailed pool inspections, ensuring you have an easy and stress-free experience.

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Expert Technicians On-Hand

Our team comprises seasoned professionals skilled in pool leak detection, pool equipment repair, and pool light replacement. With the latest tools and a deep understanding of pool systems, we diagnose and address issues efficiently, ensuring your pool's longevity and safety.

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Comprehensive Inspection Reports

Transparency is key. After every inspection, we provide detailed reports that cover every aspect of our findings. From pool leak detection to pool equipment repair and pool light replacement, our reports equip you with the knowledge you need to ensure your pool's optimal condition and safety.

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Advanced Technology

At Terranova Pool Inspection, we don't compromise on quality. We employ the state-of-the-art LeakTronics leak detection equipment, ensuring unparalleled precision in identifying pool issues. Our fusion of cutting-edge technology with deep expertise guarantees you receive the industry's best service.

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Our Premier Pool Services

Experience peace of mind with Terranova's comprehensive pool solutions.

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Dive into confidence with Terranova Pool Inspection. Our experienced technicians meticulously evaluate your pool's structure, safety, and functionality, ensuring it remains in optimal condition. Trust in our thorough approach to provide a clear picture of your pool's health.

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Protect your pool's integrity with our advanced Leaktronics technology. Our seasoned technicians employ cutting-edge tools to accurately detect even the most elusive leaks, ensuring timely restoration and balance to your pool.

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Whether it's a minor tweak or a significant overhaul, our team of skilled technicians stands ready. We handle every pool repair job with precision, ensuring you enjoy a safe, hassle-free swim.

Revive your pool's beauty with our specialized tile cleaning services in Simi Valley, CA. Our affordable, efficient, and unmatched quality service ensures your pool tiles are free from stains, algae, and calcium build-up, making your pool inviting and hygienically safe for everyone.

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Deck-O-Seal Pool Service

Enhance the durability and aesthetic of your pool deck in Simi Valley, CA, with our Deck-O-Seal services. Our team of experts applies high-quality sealant to protect against water damage and UV rays, ensuring your deck remains in pristine condition.

Dive Into Our Latest Insights

Stay updated with our pool maintenance tips and industry trends. Explore our recent blog posts and deepen your understanding of pool care.Stay updated with our pool maintenance tips and industry trends. Explore our recent blog posts and deepen your understanding of pool care.

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Hear it from Our Clients

Our commitment to excellence reflects in our client testimonials.

"Jeff was so easy to talk to. He listened to my concerns and gave such a thorough inspection. He explained the process to me, and provided me with an in depth report. I was shocked with how many tests are performed to make sure every issue was found. He was very professional and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend using this company for any pool Inspections, leaks, or repairs!"

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Sherman Oaks, CA

"Quick respond to phone, email and text.  Great detail in report, but can be more organized in the report so it not so confusing to read."

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Moorpark, CA

"Jeff is a great pool inspector! He's an abundance of knowledge in his craft and it shows. I'm a real estate agent and it's great working with such great and highly accredited professionals!!!"

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Los Angeles, CA

"Jeff is a fantastic pool inspector and I would use him again! I had a lot of anxiety in selecting an inspector because I had been burned before. He is extremely professional, thorough, and efficient."

Yelp Review

Los Angeles, CA

About Us

Welcome to Terranova Pool Inspection Inc.! We started in 2013 with one goal: to be the best at finding leaks in swimming pools. Since then, we've grown a lot. Now we offer full pool checks, helping real estate agents and home buyers in Santa Clarita, Beverly Hills, Thousand Oaks, Calabasas, and Los Angeles County.

What makes us different? Our total commitment to making our clients happy. We know buying a house with a pool is a big deal. So, we work hard to give you detailed inspections and clear reports. These reports, with lots of useful information and pictures, have saved our clients lots of money when they buy homes.

But we do more than just check pools. We get how worrying it can be when your pool loses water for no clear reason. That's why we also find leaks in pools at homes and businesses, giving our clients peace of mind.

Meet Jeff Terranova, our owner. He lives and breathes our company's values. Jeff's not just an inspector; he's friendly, cares about his work, and does a thorough job. His love for his work inspires our whole team, from customer service to our skilled technicians.

Terranova Pool Inspection Inc. is more than just a service. We promise top quality, dependability, and to always put our customers first. Come with us on this journey as we keep your pools perfect, one check at a time.

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