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Welcome to Terranova Pool Inspection Inc.

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Local Experts Committed to Homeowners

Based out of Los Angeles County and serving surrounding areas

About Us

Terranova Pool Inspection Inc. Initially started with only specializing in swimming pool leak detections. As the company grew, we built a pool inspection platform that caters to real estate agents and buyers. Our team is committed to giving you the best service by giving you great customer service, having experienced technicians, and providing you in depth reports on your pool. Terranova Pool Inspection Inc. is certified-trained and uses LeakTronics leak detection equipment.

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Our Services

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For Real Estate Experts
& Buyers

Bring more value to your buyers and
get the facts before you buy

Accurate inspections can help both buyers and sellers in the sales transaction. Agents can use pool inspections to better understand the entire pool & spa system which can help in representing clients.

As a buyer, you want to make sure you know exactly what you are getting into when purchasing a home with a pool. Our inspections will give you the facts you need to make sure there are no hidden issue with your pool. 

For Homeowners

Professional Pool Leak Detection with Report

 As a homeowner, you may think you have one small leak, but our trained and certified Pro Technicians complete multiple tests to find all possible leaks using state of the art equipment. The longer a leak goes un-noticed or un-repaired, the more damage it can cause, which can ultimately cost you more money. So why use Terranova Pool Inspection Inc. for your leak detection? Most leak detection companies only provide a report of findings and will require an outside contractor to do the repairs. Terranova Pool Inspection Inc. is licensed to manage the entire process from leak detection to pool repairs, making us a one stop shop.



Jeff Terranova

(818) 923-8719

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