How to Detect a Leak in Your In-ground Pool?

October 6, 2023
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Discovering the Unseen: How to Detect a Leak in Your In-ground Pool

Owning an in-ground pool is a luxurious comfort that provides endless hours of relaxation and fun. However, maintaining it is a crucial part of ensuring its longevity and your enjoyment. One common issue that can occur is a leak in the pool. Detecting a leak early can save you from costly repairs and potential damage to your property. In this guide, we will take you through the steps and signs to look out for, to ensure your pool remains a source of joy and not stress.

In the second paragraph of our insightful journey, we'll delve into common signs that might indicate a leak in your pool. If you're in the Simi Valley area and suspect a leak, consider reaching out to Terranova Pool Inspection for professional assistance. Now, let’s dive into the telltale signs of a pool leak.

Common Signs of a Leak in Your In-ground Pool

  • Changing Water Levels:
  • A significant change in water levels over a short period is a clear indication of a potential leak. Typically, pools may lose water due to evaporation, but a drastic drop is a red flag. It's essential to monitor the water levels over a few days to rule out natural evaporation​1​​2​.
  • Wet Spots Around the Pool:
  • Wet spots or unusually mushy areas around the pool could indicate a leak. Especially if these wet areas are near the equipment pad or plumbing fixtures, it's likely that water is escaping from somewhere​1​​2​.
  • Cracks in the Pool Shell:
  • Visible cracks in the tiles or concrete of your pool are obvious signs of a leak. The ground shifting due to water escape can cause these visible damages​2​.
  • Increased Water Bills:
  • A sudden spike in your water bills without any other apparent cause could mean that there’s a leak in your pool.
  • Algae and Water Clarity Issues:
  • Algae growth or water discoloration can be due to inconsistent chemical levels, which in turn might be caused by a leak​2​.

The Bucket Test to Detect a Leak

The Bucket Test is a simple yet effective method to determine whether your pool is experiencing a leak or it’s just natural evaporation taking place. Especially if you are in an area like Porter Ranch, where the climate can lead to higher evaporation rates, this test is crucial. If you need professional help, Terranova Pool Inspection in Porter Ranch is at your service.

Here’s how you can perform the Bucket Test:

  1. Fill a bucket with pool water and place it on the first step of your pool.
  2. Mark the water level on the inside and outside of the bucket using a marker or painter's tape.
  3. Ensure any auto-fill devices are turned off to get an accurate reading.
  4. After a few days, compare the water levels. If the water outside the bucket has dropped more than the inside, you likely have a leak​1​​3​​2​.

Other Methods to Detect a Leak

Detecting a leak accurately might require employing various methods. Each method has its benefits and may be more suitable depending on the nature of the leak and the construction of your pool. Here are some other methods to consider:

  • Dye Test Method:
  • The dye test is a straightforward method where you squeeze dye or food coloring near the suspected leak area and observe the flow of the dye. If there’s a leak, the dye will flow towards it, providing a visual cue​3​​2​.
  • Pressure Test:
  • A pressure test involves checking the plumbing lines to ensure they are holding pressure as they should. This method is more technical and may require professional assistance.
  • Electronic Leak Detection:
  • This method utilizes electronic devices to detect leaks. It's a non-invasive technique that can accurately pinpoint leaks without any digging or destruction.

Seeking Professional Help

While some leak detection methods can be carried out by pool owners, some situations require professional expertise. If the thought of diving into your pool with dye or handling electronic devices feels overwhelming, it's time to call in the experts. Companies like Terranova Pool Inspection specialize in pool leak detection and pool inspection, providing peace of mind and precise solutions.

Prevention and Regular Maintenance

Preventing leaks and maintaining your pool are crucial steps in ensuring a hassle-free pool ownership experience. Regular checks, cleaning, and maintenance can go a long way in preventing potential leaks.

  • Regular Inspections:
  • Having regular inspections by professionals can help catch issues before they become major problems. Check out this post on the importance and benefits of regular pool inspections.
  • Proper Water Chemistry:
  • Maintaining the right balance of chemicals in your pool is essential for preventing leaks and other issues.
  • Checking Pool Equipment:
  • Regularly checking your pool’s equipment and ensuring they are in good working condition can also prevent leaks.

FAQs on Detecting a Leak in Your In-ground Pool

Navigating through the journey of detecting a leak in your pool can bring up numerous questions. Here, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide you with a better understanding and help ease your concerns:

  • What are the first signs of a leak in an in-ground pool?
  • The first signs can include changing water levels, wet spots around the pool, cracks in the pool shell, increased water bills, and algae or water clarity issues.
  • How can I confirm a leak in my pool?
  • The Bucket Test is a simple method to confirm a leak. You can also use the Dye Test Method, or seek professional assistance from experts like Terranova Pool Inspection.
  • How do professionals detect leaks?
  • Professionals might use pressure testing, electronic leak detection, or dive and dye tests to accurately locate leaks in your pool. They have specialized equipment and expertise to identify and fix leaks efficiently.
  • Is a leak in my pool dangerous?
  • A leak can cause structural damage to your pool, landscaping, and even your home’s foundation if left unattended. It’s crucial to address leaks promptly.
  • How much does it cost to fix a pool leak?
  • The cost can vary widely depending on the severity and location of the leak. It's wise to get a professional assessment and quote.
  • Can a leaking pool repair itself?
  • No, a leaking pool will not repair itself. It requires intervention either by the homeowner or a professional to fix the leak.


Detecting a leak in your in-ground pool early can save you a considerable amount of time, money, and stress down the line. Whether you choose to tackle leak detection on your own or hire professionals like Terranova Pool Inspection, understanding the common signs of a leak and the steps involved in detection are crucial. Regular maintenance and inspections are your best bet in preventing leaks and ensuring your pool remains a source of enjoyment for years to come.

Utilize the knowledge shared in this guide to keep a vigilant eye on your pool’s health. And remember, when in doubt, professional assistance is just a call away. Explore our blog for more insightful articles on pool maintenance, leak detection, and much more.

Your in-ground pool is a valuable asset and a source of joy. Don't let a leak dampen your enjoyment. Take proactive steps to detect and fix any leaks, ensuring a refreshing and enjoyable pool experience for everyone.

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