7 Warning Signs that Your Pool Requires Immediate Leak Detection

October 30, 2023
crack at the bottom of a swimming poll

How to Spot a Pool Leak: Key Indicators to Watch Out For

Having a swimming pool is a luxury many homeowners enjoy, but like all amenities, it requires regular maintenance. One of the most pressing issues pool owners face is a potential leak. Not only can it result in a significant water loss, but it can also damage the surrounding area and increase your water bill. Knowing the warning signs can help you address the issue before it becomes a major problem.

Unexplained Water Loss

One of the most obvious signs of a pool leak is a sudden decrease in water levels. If you find yourself needing to top off your pool more often than usual, especially without any apparent reason like evaporation or splash out, it might be time to investigate.

Soggy Spots Around the Pool

If the ground around your pool is consistently wet or mushy, and it hasn't rained recently, you might be dealing with a leak. This can be especially concerning as it can weaken the structure surrounding the pool.

Increase in Water Bills

An unexpected hike in your water bill can be a tell-tale sign of a pool leak. If your water usage has remained consistent but your bill shows otherwise, it's worth inspecting your pool.

Cracks in the Pool Structure

Over time, your pool may develop small cracks. However, if these cracks grow larger or if you notice new cracks forming, it might be an indicator of a larger underlying issue.

Algae Growth and Discolored Water

Excessive algae growth, despite regular cleaning and chemical treatments, can be a result of a leak. Leaks can disrupt the balance of pool chemicals, making it easier for algae to thrive. Additionally, if your pool water starts turning a murky color, it might be due to a leak diluting the chemicals.

Air Bubbles in the Pump System

If your pool's filtration system begins to produce air bubbles, it might be drawing air from a leak in the system. This not only signals a leak but can also reduce the efficiency of your filtration process.

Pool Deck Movement or Lifting

If the concrete or tiles around your pool start lifting or shifting, it could be due to water from a leak eroding the ground underneath. This not only indicates a leak but also poses a safety hazard.

To ensure your pool remains in top condition, consider scheduling regular pool inspections. For more tips on maintaining your pool and ensuring it's leak-free, check out our blog or reach out to our team of experts for professional guidance.

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